Health & Safety Policy

Safety is the most important core value of our company. This commitment to safety — including education, training and injury prevention — benefits our employees and their families, and you and your customers.

These ongoing efforts have resulted in an excellent Experience Modification Rate (EMR) — a factor that reflects a company’s safety record. As the direct beneficiary of our strong safety program, you can expect the very best from our workforce.

Management’s Commitment

Aevenia management is responsible for:

Providing our employees a safe and healthy workplace.

Supporting to the fullest extent the Aevenia Health and Safety Policy.

The development and necessary training of rules, procedures, programs and specific policy that support the health and safety of our employees.

Ensuring our employees understand the hazards to which they may be exposed, and how to prevent harm to themselves and others.

Providing appropriate personal protective equipment and training for each and every Aevenia employee working in areas where hazards cannot be eliminated. These measures are taken to ensure a safe working environment.

Our management – including presidents, vice presidents, general managers, managers and supervisors – are responsible for compliance within the framework of company policy and our health and safety program.

As a condition of employment, our employees must comply fully with the Aevenia Safety and Health Policy and actively participate in safety program development, safety training programs, continuous plan improvement, and must take personal responsibility to work safe.

Risk Management

Aevenia maintains a comprehensive corporate safety and health program that targets zero accidents and injuries as our corporate goal. Everyone from management to craft technician is committed to a proactive approach to safety.

Being proactive begins with behavior-based safety. This approach to injury prevention focuses on human at-risk behaviors that can lead to an injury, or unsafe behaviors that can contribute to an unsafe working environment. In other words, behavior-based safety is an injury prevention process.

For each employee, this safety-training program begins with a thorough understanding of corporate safety policies, and continues with 10-hour OSHA Safety training and weekly job site safety programs and newsletters. Employees are responsible for participating in safety program development and implementation.

Managing our risks to provide a safe environment for everyone is the most important job we do. The rewards of this comprehensive program have been outstanding, with our workers’ compensation experience modification rates well below national averages.