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Emergency Services

Aevenia’s loyal employees brave the harshest conditions to keep energy moving to our families,businesses and communities. Our long-standing relationships with customers are proof of Aevenia’s dedication to reliability. Be proactive, ask about our emergency storm agreements.



HotworkHot Work 

Aevenia’s dedication to safety is critical when working with energized equipment. Our highly trained, qualified team, ensures that all safety protocols are followed. Only competent and qualified electrical workers are authorized to perform this type of work which is governed by strict Aevenia safety standards and conform to all regulatory bodies. Our commitment to safety gives us the upper hand when performing hot work.



With over 40 years of experience, Mueller Concrete Construction Division specializes in drilled pier, mat and pier, and guyed tower foundations. Because the drilling equipment consists of telescoping auger drills, we are capable of drilling up to twelve foot diameter holes that can be as deep as sixty feet.