Power Delivery

Since 1969, Aevenia’s has provided the Upper Midwest with the finest in overhead and underground construction for the electric power industry. Whether building transmission lines, distribution lines, substations, Live Line “hot work”, primary cable plowing, urban overbuild, trenching, rock sawing, or directional horizontal boring, our team brings the know how to get it done safely and efficiently.

Transmission (1)


Aevenia tackles every part of a transmission project. From trenching underground paths to installing overhead poles, Aevenia has the expertise and equipment to perform the work. We train our operators in the most rigorous safety programs in the industry. All of this helps ensure our customers are receiving the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship.




Aevenia provides quality substation construction services to transmission and distribution suppliers throughout the Midwest.  Our services include High Voltage & Medium Voltage substations, structural steel construction, rebuilds and equipment upgrades including: transformers, capacitor banks, reactors and switchgear


Distribution (1)


Aevenia is recognized for its full-service capabilities. Aerial or underground, communications, power company or municipality, what matters most is making sure the current never quits. This is why our team works together to keep energy moving.