Transmission (1)


Transmission lines transport energy over long distances. This is the first step in connecting power to the end user. Aevenia has installed and repaired thousands of miles of transmission lines throughout the United States. Overhead or underground, Aevenia’s trusted team works quickly and efficiently to install, maintain, or repair high-voltage transmission lines.


Aevenia’s Advantage

Aevenia tackles every part of a transmission project. From trenching underground paths to installing overhead poles, Aevenia has the expertise and equipment to perform the work. We train our operators in the most rigorous safety programs in the industry. All of this helps ensure our customers are receiving the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship.

Underground Power

Aevenia is able to perform all facets of underground power construction. Our operators perform under the toughest conditions, such as boring under major highways, wetlands and other protected areas. We prove that we’re up to any challenge, whether rebuilding infrastructure or installing cable.